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Yamilca Rodriguez is an innovative and creative design-thinker who helps organizations tackle experience-focused, human-centered, and strategic vision ideas.


Brand Archetypes will help you define your brand personality. Go at your own pace and purchase the courses that best define your brand personality.


Mentoring at an individual  basis for starting a business or taking your business to the next level. We start by setting up 3-6 sessions. I asses where you are in your business and work on you unique business strategy. 

Archetype Method

Discover Your
Through Creation and Design

Welcome to the Archetype Method. Working with The Archetype Method, you can gain a stronger understanding of your customer and understand human behavior. Envision your future customer’s needs, boost customer adoption and drive powerful product or service demand.

This is for you If you have a business or offer already. If you don’t have a business but want to know how to begin growing online to get a head start…If you want more RESULTS around your brand and offering.

A few things we’re great at

Archetypal psychology helps you understand the intrinsic meaning of a product or service and creates brand identity, establishes market dominance, and delivers on customer loyalty.


What your brand means to people will be as important as the benefits or function of the brand because the meaning tell us “this is the one for me” or “this feels right”. The meaning speaks to the feeling or intuitive side of the brain this is what creates the affinity to the brand.
The methodology we have developed helps you implement archetypal strategies for your company or brand.


Those people who pick you over price because your brand essence and story delivers on your unique map. Your success is dependent on how you connect with your audience. How does your audience perceives you and connect with you. So let me show you right now how we like to look at building a brand and ensure that your clients or your customers are really able to be completely lined up to your magic and brand essence.


Humans are hardwired to understand and respond to archetypal images in a way that is completely out of our control. Marketing executives and Hollywood studios have long capitalized on this psychology, using it to create inspiring stories and profitable brands.


The power of developing your Brand Archetype will be achieved through The Archetype Method .The secret is to create your map and design your story through the discovery of your unique archetype.


The Secret of Success

Archetypes are imprints that are hardwired into our psyches and are influenced by the characters we love in art, literature and film. Brands hold these patterns whether through conscious or unconscious intent. We can see them come alive through candidates, superstars, products or services. They achieve success through differentiation and relevance, as well as, by embodying timeless archetypal meaning.


The Caregiver is nurturing and supportive. They see the need in the world and is attracted to experiences that make them feel needed and appreciated.


Taylor Swift – The Best Day
Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song


Be the best version of yourself /
By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others /
Caring is just another word for LOVE


Caring, Nurturing, and Supportive

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Archetype cards have helped me so much with my brand essence, I’m excited for everyone to learn about the different types. I was able to develop my unique brand personality and brand strategy.
My customer is the  Caregiver & my brand is focused on supporting the Caregiver & showing them the importance of Self Care! 

Kennethia Shalon

Essential Seeker

Working with the archetype cards under Yamilca’s guidance, I was delighted to discover the essence of my brand in a playful and relaxed way. Honing in on the personality of your brand can seem like such seriously intense work. But this method opened me up to possibilities I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The result was the discovery of the true authentic voice that I want to express through my business and brand. I now filter every decision about the direction of the business through my archetype and their corresponding words. It has become a true guiding light for us as we move forward.

Rhona Kamar


As a branding photographer, I frequently work with entrepreneurs who are juggling all aspects of their business. The Brand Archetype program with Yamilca Rodriguez provides the ultimate roadmap for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs.  Paired with the Archetype Deck, it’s the perfect way to narrow down the scope of what we want our client’s to see, feel and experience with our brands.
In reality there was only ONE that was the perfect fit for all of my messaging!  Once my business archetype was identified I was able to define my mission statement and create a cohesive vision board including the look and feel of my branding across all social media, website and physical marketing materials.  I had so many “ah-ha” moments I lost count!

Jama Finney

Jama Finney Photography

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